Amazing sexual miracle

The young man with PE gave a noble beauty the best night ever

Having consumed a little too much wine, Deneuve was not only drunk but also exhausted. After the guests left, she lay on the sofa. Evan stayed with her to make sure she was okay.

Disoriented, Deneuve mumbled, “Take me to bed!”

Somewhat taken aback, Evan felt embarrassed and did not know what to do. After a moment of deliberation, he carried Deneuve to her bedroom.

Deneuve’s bedroom had a velvet bed, a nightstand with floral petal carvings, a glass lamp, an antique vanity, lace curtains, vivid paintings of nobility, and a purple-gray carpet. The dim light gave the room a romantic ambiance. First time in a bedroom reeking scents of femininity, Evan felt slightly uneasy.

He bent down to lay Deneuve on her bed and turned around to leave. Suddenly, she grabbed his arm and mumbled, “Take off my clothes.” She usually slept naked; in her drowsiness, she was unaware of whom she was talking to.

Evan was startled. He concluded that she was drunk or he heard her wrong.

He double-checked. “Deneuve, what did you say?”

“Take off my clothes!”

Evan faced a dilemma. He had the opportunity to see her attractive body, but if she denied making the request in the morning, he would be in trouble. Although Deneuve was gorgeous, a goddess, he had never dared to fantasize about being with her.

Deneuve touched his hand to encourage him. He finally sat down and obeyed her.

He breathed deeply to calm himself, but he was still nervous. While cautiously unbuttoning the first button of her shirt, his shaking hands accidentally touched her big breasts.

When the first button was unbuttoned, revealing her white, perky breasts, his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

Eventually, with a racing heart and shaking hands, he had stripped Deneuve to her bra and thong.

When her silky body, half-clad breasts, and slender legs were exposed, he could not contain his excitement. Even though he did not dare to make any advances, his dick was uncontrollably erect.

In her mid-thirties, Deneuve was in perfect shape. She had a wonderful body, smooth skin, and a charm that was reserved for mature women.

Her breasts and pink nipples could be seen through her bra. Her flat abs, round and plump hips, and slender legs were perfect and seductive. Even a saint would find her irresistibly sexy, let alone a common man like Evan.

Calming himself down and resisting his desires, he covered Deneuve with a blanket to put out the fire he felt in his body.

But Deneuve removed the blanket. “I don’t wear anything when I sleep. Take them all off!” Although she was drunk, she was conscious enough to make a command.

Evan was surprised. After a moment of hesitation, he decided to obey her.

Heart beating fast and hands shaking, he removed her bra. The moment her breasts jumped out, his pupils dilated. He drew a deep breath and swallowed. Looking at her plump and tender breasts, his erection burned with anticipation.

Though his mind raced with desire and wild imagination, he suddenly realized Deneuve was like a sister figure to him. He chanted “Amitabha” to redirect his thoughts.

When he felt calmer, he saw the thong but decided not to remove it since it was too small to affect her sleep.

But just then, Deneuve touched her thong, signaling that he should remove it. Holding his breath, Evan pulled it off slowly.

Now completely exposed to him, her pussy was clean-shaven. Her labia were pinkish white and seductive.

Evan stared at her pussy, thinking to himself, “A woman’s pussy is so attractive; no wonder so many men are crazy about it, even die for it!”

His eyes glowed as he looked at her pussy. Heart pounding, dick erect once again, he was unable to resist his lust.

Deneuve’s body was so alluring that Evan just stared with his mouth agape and his mind racing with saucy images. Deneuve muttered, “Give me a massage!” He couldn’t believe his ears.

Having never massaged a woman before, he did not know where to begin. Flustered, he turned on some music to calm himself down.

The music eased his worries, but he was still at a loss. After much contemplation, he decided to try Professor Serwer’s affectionate sex massage. Although he had imagined it many times, he had never put it into practice.

Taking a deep breath, he sat by Deneuve cautiously. Then, following Sewer’s steps, he drew circles on her neck and shoulders with his fingertips.

Lying quietly under Evan’s touch, Deneuve did not respond. She seemed to be under the influence of alcohol.

Carefully, Evan moved on to her arms. Massaging her at the slow speed of one inch per second, he continued from her shoulders to her palms and then from her armpits to her waist.

Feeling the sensation with her eyes closed, Deneuve let Evan massage her. Seeing that she showed no sign of dissatisfaction, Evan was encouraged. He proceeded to adjust her body to lie on her side and began to massage her back. He was still a little hesitant and did not dare to touch her front.

Now that she was on her side, Evan massaged her neck with his left hand and her shoulder blade with his right. Slowly, he turned to her back, waist, and hips. His massage was progressive, slow, gentle, tender, and rhythmic.

With the aphrodisiac soul music and Evan’s electric touch, Deneuve was aroused and shook off her drunkenness. A wave of pleasurable sensation swept over her.

She was in her cougar years and exceptionally sensitive because she had not been touched in some time. She started squirming and moaning.

Surprised, she thought to herself, “Where did this young man gain his massage skills, teasing me into a state of bliss?” She wanted to know what else he could do, so she avoided startling or embarrassing him. She kept her eyes shut, pretending to be asleep.

Naïve and inexperienced, Evan did not realize that Deneuve had already wakened. He did not know she was aroused, either, attributing her squirming and moaning to her drunkenness.

He concentrated on following the steps and paid little attention to her reactions. After massaging her hips, seeing that she showed no signs of displeasure, he turned her onto her back and began massaging her right leg. He started slowly on her toes, feet, and ankles and then worked his way up to her calves.

These steps were taken from Serwer’s seminar; he did not know if he was performing them correctly.

Deneuve felt both amazed and puzzled by his wonderful, detailed massage. The waves of pleasure she felt changed her perspective on Evan; she was secretly overjoyed.

Evan turned to her right knee, massaging the kneecap, and to the sides and back of her thigh. Having her sensitive thigh massaged, Deneuve was swept away by desire. Her fluid started to flow uncontrollably, and her body squirmed slightly.

Massaging a woman for the first time, Evan felt wonderful. It was a feeling he had never experienced with Penny.

From Deneuve’s reactions, he could finally tell she was enjoying it; they were reactions of pleasure rather than drunkenness. He no longer held back, moving his fingers toward her crotch.

He drew circles repeatedly around her pubic area, careful not to touch her pussy. He was curious about how women felt when these areas were touched.

Deneuve wiggled her hips in excitement—her labia opening and closing like petals, love juice flowing, nipples growing erect—and moaned with pleasure.

Evan observed attentively and realized that massaging these areas could further arouse a woman’s desire, making her delirious.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that watching a woman experiencing sexual pleasure was both an enjoyment and an achievement. This was something he didn’t understand before. He now fully understood Serwer’s affectionate sex massage.

He followed the steps carefully, leaving the vagina and nipples for last. After touching her pubic area, Evan did not continue to her vagina, but moved on to her breasts.

Moving to her breasts, he massaged her collarbone and upper chest and then slowly turned to the bottom of her breasts, drawing circles from the bottom to the areolas.

Deneuve was intoxicated, squirming her upper torso and longing for her nipples to be squeezed.

The song “Put Your Hands All over My Body” unfolded alongside the sounds of lovemaking, heightening her desire.

Evan slowly massaged her breasts. Finally, he came to her areolas. He massaged them gently with the mid-fingertip, carefully avoiding her nipples.

Deneuve thought to herself, “Stop teasing! Rub my nipples!” She instinctively cupped her breasts toward him, revealing her desire to be touched.

Evan knew exactly what to do. Taking his time, he started massaging her nipples. He squeezed, drew circles, pinched, and rubbed. One second he pulled them, and the next he flicked them.

Feeling like a desert welcoming the rain, Deneuve moaned and shook from the wonderful pleasure. She felt as if she were floating.

Seeing her horny with desire, Evan had a huge hard-on. He did not expect Serwer’s massage to be so powerful, but now he was in awe and felt complete admiration.

Excited, he cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples with this index and middle fingers, and started kneading them. He increased the intensity slowly, rubbing, cupping, flicking, and squeezing them.

Deneuve lost control, grabbing Evan’s collar and pulling him toward her breasts.

Evan buried his face in her tits— the first time he’d rubbed his face on a woman’s delicious breasts.

He then started licking her breasts, working his way from the bottom to the areolas, around which he licked in a circular motion, still careful not to touch her nipples.

Deneuve grabbed Evan’s head and shook her breasts, wanting him to suck her nipples.

After few teasing licks, Evan put her nipples in his mouth. He sucked with a rhythm that exhilarated Deneuve.

A tingling sensation overtook her body. She squirmed, arched her back, shook, and moaned. Unable to contain her desire to reach orgasm, she pushed Evan toward her crotch.

Evan knew what she wanted. Sitting down by her ass, he parted her labia with his left hand, revealing her clitoris. Then, positioning his right hand by her right thigh, he rubbed her clitoris with his mid-fingertip.

A burning sensation swept over her. Deneuve was so excited that she couldn’t help but scream. Untroubled by her intense reactions, Evan continued to rub her clitoris at the same pace.

Finally, unable to contain her desire, Deneuve pushed Evan to the bed and pulled off his pants. She straddled him in the cowgirl position and guided his penis into her vagina. She rode him energetically, holding his hands and putting them on her breasts.

Evan felt as if he’d been shocked by a huge current of electricity: the long-awaited sensation was finally his. He cupped her tits and rubbed them to his heart’s content, enjoying the wonderful feeling of the woman-on-top position, which he had never tried before. Watching Deneuve enjoying the sex with eyes closed, he felt a profound sense of achievement.

The warm current inside Deneuve’s vagina enveloped Evan’s dick. He could feel her excitement coming in waves, but strangely, he was not overcome by the urge to ejaculate.

Deneuve was squirming and sweating, a lock of hair sticking to her face. Soon, her screams got louder and louder, and finally, after a climactic yell, her vagina convulsed and her whole body shook. It took her to heaven. When she came back, she just lay on top of Evan, exhausted.

The convulsion of her vagina was so strong that Evan couldn’t hold it—he also exploded, almost at the same time.

Deneuve was in her prime, and years of not having sex made Evan’s massage that much more sensual. When her erogenous zones were awakened, the excitement built slowly until she finally exploded; no wonder her orgasm was so powerful.

Evan was happy beyond words to be able to pleasure her like that. He hugged her gently with affection, caressing her hair, back, waist, and hips.

Deneuve was savoring the afterglow. This was the most satisfying sex she had ever had. Her noble elegance had vanished completely. The desire had transformed her into someone completely different. Her wild reaction demonstrated why people think alcohol can lead easily to sex.

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